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Selection of past events

Yearly, in spring, the GCBS organizes a series of lecture on diverse Buddhist themes (Permanent Training Program in Buddhist Studies).

July 2015: Visit of a delegation of Buddhist Monks from China.

PhD Defences:

  • Claire Maes has succesfully defended her PhD thesis "Dialogues within the Pāli Vinaya. A Research into the Dynamics and Dialectics of the Pāli Vinaya’s Ascetic other, with a Special Focus on the Jain Ascetic other" Defence date: 10.07.2015 (Promotor: Prof. Dr. Ann Heirman)
  • Klaus Pinte has succesfully defended his PhD thesis "The Samaya Code: Esotericization of Buddhist Precepts in Japan" Defence date: 06.03.2014 (Promotor: Prof. Dr. Andreas Niehaus)
  • Zengguang Liu has succesfully defended his PhD thesis "An Investigation into the Study of the 'Classic of Filial Piety' during the Late Ming Dynasty" (joint PhD with Renmin University of China) Defence date: 18.05.2012 (promotor: Prof. Dr. B. Dessein and Y. Peng)
  • Tobias Wissler has succesfully defended his PhD thesis "Good Accounts Make Good Friends. Economic Aspects of Temple Investment Projects in Nineteenth-Century South China"  Defence date: 12.12.2011 (Promotor: Prof. Dr. Ann Heirman)
  • Gudrun Pinte has succesfully defended her PhD thesis "Lost in translation, a case study of Sanghabhadra’s Shanjian lü piposha (T.1462) Defence date: 02.12.2011 (Promotor: Prof. Dr. Ann Heirman)
  • Esther-Maria Guggenmos has succesfully defended her PhD thesis "'I believe in Buddhism and Travelling', On the Attractiveness of Denoting Oneself a Lay Buddhist in Contemporary Urban Taiwan. An Analysis of Lay Buddhist Self-Construction within the Context of Social Change and Buddhist Reformatory Efforts based on Narrative Biographical Interviews". Defence date: 18.05.2010 (Promotor: Prof. Dr. Ann Heirman)
  • Tom De Rauw has succesfully defended his PhD thesis "Beyond Buddhist apology: the political use of Buddhism by emperor Wu of the Liang Dynasty (r. 502-549)" Defence date: 25.08.2008 (Promotor: Prof. Dr. Ann Heirman)