Prof. Dr. Ann Heirman

Permanent members

Prof. Dr. Andreas Niehaus

(Languages and Cultures: Japanese Studies)



Prof. Dr. Anna Andreeva

(Japanese Buddhism)


Prof. Dr. Ann Heirman

(Vinaya and historiography)



Prof. Dr. Charles DiSimone

(Buddhist Studies; Buddhist sūtra manuscripts and literature)



Prof. Dr. Christian Uhl

(Languages and Cultures: Japanese Studies)



Prof. Dr. Christoph Anderl

(Buddhist Chinese and Dunhuang studies)


Prof. Dr. Bart Dessein

(Buddhist philosophy and historiography)



Prof. Dr. Daniela De Simone 

(Archaeology of Indian Buddhism)



Prof. Dr. Eva De Clercq

(Jainism and relation with Buddhism)



Dr. Klaus Pinte

(postdoctoral teaching staff, AAP; tantric Buddhism in Japan)



Dr. Tom De Rauw

(AAP; apologetic literature)



PhD researchers

Shan Bai

(Chinese education, Hani minority)



Igohr Brennand

(Chinese Buddhist epistemology and hermeneutics)



Sakda Hemthep

(Vinaya and monastic life)



Ji Liang

(CSC grant researcher; Economic monastic texts from Dunhuang)



Litian Liang

(UGent/Sichuan Univ. CSC grant researcher; A Study of the Belief in the Planetary Deities in Dunhuang)



Shuang Qian

(Mohist logic and methodology)



Xiaoxiao Xu

(20th century Chinese Buddhism)



Elias Bouckaert

(medical and cultural history in Edo period Japan)



Li Ya Chu

(sex work in contemporary Taiwan in a buddhist perspective)



Xi Duan

(traditional Chinese art, particularly Buddhist art)



Ling Fei

(Brahma imagery in Medieval Chinese Buddhism)



Wen Hui

(Three Hares motif in the Dunhuang Mogao Caves)



Massimiliano Portoghese

(Chinese Buddhism during the period of division (220-589))



Matteo Sgorbati

(modern exchanges between Western psychology and Buddhism)



Wenzhuo Shi

(Buddhism in Turfan around the 5th century)



Xinrong Sun

(aesthetic experience of smell within Daoist tradition)



Xueyu Wen

(flying apsaras in the grottoes of the Northern Wei dynasty)



Jiahang Yu

(Dunhuang mourning texts and their transmission to Japan)



Longyu Zhang

(Vinaya texts, medieval Chinese linguistics, and Buddhist Hybrid Chinese



Postdoctoral researchers

Dr. Nan Ouyang

(FWO grant researcher; Chinese religions, sacred geography)



Dr. Anna Sokolova

(Tang poetry and Buddhism)



Dr. Laurent Van Cutsem

(Chan hermeneutics)



Dr. Lucas den Boer

(social history of Indian thought in the first millennium CE)



Dr. Mariia Lepneva

(Vinaya tradition in China during the Ming and Qing)



Dr. Paride Stortini

(BOF research fellow; intellectual and cultural history of Buddhism in modern and contemporary Japan)



Dr. Jin Kyoung Choi

(Buddhist manuscripts in Greater Gandhāra)


Associate members

Dr. Tzu-Lung Chiu 

(Postdoctoral fellow, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity, Göttingen; nuns in China/Taiwan)



Dr. Agnieszka Rostalska

(PhD UGent; Indian realism from contemporary perspective)



Dr. Ben Van Overmeire

(Assistant Professor of Religious Studies Duke Kunshan University; Modern Zen Buddhist literature)



Prof. Dr. Christophe Vielle

(Institut Orientaliste UCLouvain and Indology UGent; literature-philosophy India)



Professor Yang Gang against a city landscape

Dr. Gang Yang 

(PhD UGent; divination activities along the Silk Road)



Dr. Ang Zou

(PhD UGent; Vinaya studies)



Dr. Mick Deneckere

(postdoctoral teaching staff, FWO grant researcher; Buddhism and the modernization of Japan)



Dr. Yi Ding

(voluntary researcher at Ghent; Buddhist feasts and observances in medieval China)



Ngoc Nguyen Khuong Hong

(PhD student UGent; comparative philosophy – particularly Sino – Vietnam, and East – West comparisons)


Former members


Dr. Dylan Esler

(PhD student UCL; Tibetan Buddhism)



Chin-Yin Chang

(lay Buddhism in Taiwan)



Dr. Laura Lettere

(PhD UGent; Buddhist translation in medieval China)



Dr. Esther-Maria Guggenmos

(post-doctoral researcher Universität Erlangen)



Dr. Claire Maes

(Research Assistant of the FWO; relation Buddhism-Jainism)



Dr. Li Man

(doctor-assistant; history of Chinese thought)



Dr. Ilona Manevskaia

(postdoctoral researcher; Tibetan and Mongolian traditions)



Prof. Dr. Barbara Meisterernst

(until 2009 guest professor UGent; Buddhist Chinese)



Prof. Dr. Eddy Moerloose

(PhD UGent; Indology)



Dr. Yezi Mu

(PhD UGent; Buddhist Chinese)



Dr. Gudrun Pinte

(postdoctoral researcher BOF; Vinaya India-China, historiography)



Dr. Chun-Han Tu

(Guest researcher from National Taiwan University; Buddhist ethics)



Dr. Chuan Wang

(PhD UGent; modern Chinese Buddhism)



Dr. Tobias Wissler

(PhD UGent; Buddhism and economics)



Dr. Li Xiang

(PhD UGent; Consciousness Only Buddhism)



Dr. Jianhong Zeng

(PhD UGent; Buddhist Chinese: passive constructions)



Dr. Ziyao Zhang

(PhD UGent/Renmin University; Yongming poetic style and politics)



Dr. Thomas Jülch

(FWO grant researcher; Tiantai Buddhism; Buddhist apologetic literature)



Suzanne Burdorf

(BOF grant researcher; Chinese historical phonology; Dunhuang manuscripts)



Jia Ruipeng

(UGent/Renmin Univ. CSC grant researcher; Song Dynasty interrelation between Confucianism, Buddhism, and Daoism in garden aesthetics)



Yu Liu

(late Ming ‘Three Religions’ philosophy)



Wang Jie

(CSC grant researcher; Six Dynasties poetry)



Wang Kai

(Tang and Song Buddhist philosophy, the Perfect Enlightment Sutra)



Chen Zeng

(medieval Chan idiomatic phrases)



Dr. Lindsey DeWitt Prat 

(FWO grant researcher; East Asian Buddhism and Japanese religions, space, gender, heritage)



Dr. Marie-Hélène Gorisse

(BOF postdoctoral researcher; Jain and Buddhist philosophy)



Dr. Henry Albery

(FWO grant researcher; Buddhist avadāna literature in the Indic Northwest)