Zotero bibliography and reference works concerning Buddhist sites in Sichuan

This is a collaborative project of the Ghent Centre for Buddhist Studies and the project “From the Ground Up: Buddhism and East Asian Religions” (FROGBEAR, UBC). The bibliography is compiled in the framework of the seminar/conference on Sichuan Buddhist sites in Chengdu (organized by the Ghent Centre for Buddhist Studies and Sichuan University, May 20–23, 2020), and the field trip to Anyue (May 25–29, 2020), as part of the research cluster “Typologies of Text and Image Relations”. The compilation of the bibliography has been generously supported by the Tianzhu Foundation, FROGBEAR, and the Ghent Centre for Buddhist Studies. A public version of the bibliography (without the PDFs of the articles / books) will be released in Autumn 2020. For practical reasons the website is currently closed but it will be gradually opened to the public as the project further unfolds (https://www.zotero.org/groups/2421413/sichuan_buddhist_sites).

Editor: Prof. Christoph Anderl (Ghent University)

Research assistant: Ms. Bai Shan (Ghent University)