PhD opportunity at the Ghent Centre for Buddist Studies

We are hiring! A four year doctoral fellowship is available in the European Research Council funded Gandhāra Corpora project led by Professor Charles DiSimone.

Please consider applying or sharing this with any recent MA graduates who are looking to continue their academic career in Buddhist Studies with a focus on Buddhist texts in classical languages. The fellow will join a great and welcoming team of international scholars. The application deadline is May 24. For further information and application guidelines, please visit the website of the Ghent University.

Titled “Corpora in Greater Gandhāra: Tracing the Development of Buddhist Textuality and Gilgit/Bamiyan Manuscript Networks in the First Millennium of the Common Era”, Professor Di Simone’s project centers on the study of large, recently discovered caches of highly significant early Buddhist manuscripts and their place in the body of works from Greater Gandhara. The philological, paleographical, codicological, and critical research conducted in this project will examine textual and material production, transmission, and relationship networks in the Buddhist manuscript cultures of Greater Gandhara and beyond in the first millennium of the Common Era.