2009 PTBS Lecture Series

2009 Programme

  • 10.02.2009 Bart Dessein (Universiteit Gent)
    “Waarom ik niet besta”: het concept ‘zelf’ in boeddhisme
  • 17.02.2009 Tobias Wissler (Universiteit Gent)
    Beyond exegesis: Temple inscriptions and the economics of Chinese religion
  • 03.03.2009 Ann Heirman (Universiteit Gent)
    Boeddhistische kloosterregels: de loopbaan van een bhikṣuṇī
  • 10.03.2009 Max Deeg (Cardiff University)
    Early Chinese pilgrimages
  • 17.03.2009 Esther-Maria Guggenmos (Universiteit Gent)
    What does it mean to be a Lay Buddhist? A case study of the lay community in contemporary Taiwan.
  • 24.03.2009 Martin Seeger (Leeds University)
    “Female saints in Thai Buddhism: (Re-)Searching the female in Buddhist hagiography”
  • 31.03.2009 Melinda Pap (Budapest University)
    “Chinese Tiantai Philosophy”
  • 21.04.2009 Michael Zimmerman (Hamburg University)
    “When compassion trumps non-violence: Mahāyāna codes of conduct for bodhisattvas and kings”