PhD defense of Laurent Van Cutsem, Ghent University, September 11, 2023

We are very proud to announce that GCBS’ Laurent Van Cutsem has successfully defended his PhD thesis on Monday, September 11, 2023!

Title of the thesis:

“The Zutang ji 祖堂集: Aspects of Textual History, Genealogy, and Intertextuality”


Christoph Anderl (Ghent Univ.)

Bart Dessein (Ghent Univ.)

DBC members:

Marcus Bingenheimer (Temple Univ.)

Christian Wittern (Kyoto Univ.)

Chair of Examination Board:

Michael Meeuwis (Ghent Univ.)

Reading committee members / disputas opponents / jury members (with voting rights):

Imre Galambos (Cambridge Univ.)

Henry Albery (Ghent Univ.)

James Robson (Harvard Univ.)

Jason Protass (Brown Univ.)

Benjamin Brose (Michigan Univ.)

Anna Sokolova (Ghent Univ.)

Examination Board reporter:

Mathieu Torck (Ghent Univ.)

Laurent has already secured a prestigious 3-year BOF Postdoctoral scholarship and will continue his research at GCBS from October, 1st onward!

Many congratulations!!