Fieldwork of GCBS researcher Wen Xueyu

GCBS researcher Wen Xueyu just returned from China where she surveyed the Yungang and Longmen grottoes in the framework of her project on the development of apsara (feitian 飛天) iconography. During the fieldwork she collected a large number of photographs, including many 3D images.
Here, she kindly shares a few photos with us.
The Longmen cave complex as seen from the Yangtze River.
GCBS PhD researcher Xueyu Wen.


Main statue in Yungang Cave 13 (Maitreya).
The Southern wall of Yungang Cave 13.
The photo was taken inside Cave 13 of the, which was built between 471 and 494 CE. Between the window on the south wall and the entrance, in a large house-shaped niche, there are seven standing Buddha statues (the seven Buddhas of the past?).