The Ghent Centre for Buddhist Studies (GCBS), Belgium’s first academic centre for Buddhist studies, was established in 2007 at Ghent University within the Department of Languages and Cultures. Buddhological research in Ghent continues a long tradition of expertise tracing back to the early 20th century, with the works of Prof. Dr. Louis de La Vallée Poussin (1869–1938). Researchers have enthusiastically explored a broad range of Buddhological fields since that time. Today, GCBS members and affiliates engage in diverse interdisciplinary as well as highly specialized research projects.

The GCBS fosters the research and study of philosophical, doctrinal and socio-cultural aspects of Asian Buddhist traditions. We focus in particular on Abhidharma, Sūtra Literature, Vinaya and Buddhist linguistics, as well as Buddhist philosophy, Chan Buddhism, Buddhist manuscripts, and material culture. As an international forum, the GCBS organizes lecture series and symposia—platforms for the presentation and exchange of research methodologies and findings. Through initiatives such as the ‘Permanent Education in Buddhism’ (open to anyone holding an M.A.), moreover, we strive to make academic discourse broadly accessible and to inform the public about current trends in Buddhological research.

The GCBS strongly emphasises cooperation with other institutions and has established many bilateral agreements and Socrates programs abroad.

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根特佛学中心简称GCBS,自2007年创建于根特大学语言和文学系,这是比利时国内第一个学术性的佛学研究中心。自二十世纪初期开始,特别是在Louis de La Vallée Poussin教授的开创下,根特大学在佛学研究领域有着历史悠久的传统。 目前越来越多的各国学者正在本中心从事着佛学的学术性研究并深入到佛学内的广泛的分支领域中。

佛教在从印度到西藏,从中亚地区到中国和日本的传播过程中逐渐形成自身固定的模式。 GSCB提供学者和学生,在哲学,戒律和社会文化学领域对佛教进行学习和研究。

GCBS的成员在各自的特殊研究范畴内展开内部合作,所以GCBS将自身视为一个国际学术交流的平台,同时本中心也组织各种类型的学术演讲和交流活动,以便大家沟通各自研究方式和成果。 以佛教的永恒认知为出发点,本中心对所有持有硕士学位的学生和学者开放,并与现今社会互动,在佛教领域以学术角度提供普罗大众相关进行中的各项研究的信息。