Tobias Wissler

Biographical information

Tobias Wissler studied Sinology and English Linguistics in Freiburg, Beijing and Tübingen. His M.A. thesis (October 2005) was on "Zinc Mining in Guizhou Province during the Eighteenth Century: Economic, Political and Social Impacts".

Until December 2006 he worked at the Institute of Chinese and Korean Studies at Tübingen University both as Managing and Editorial Manager for the journal "East Asian Science, Technology, and Medicine" and as research assistant for an international research group on "Monies, Markets, and Finance in China and East Asia, 1600-1900".

Since January 2007 he holds the post of a research assistant of the Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO) at the sinological department of Ghent university. The title of his project is: "Good Accounts Make Good Friends. Economic Aspects of Temple Investment Projects in Nineteenth-Century South China" (see "Buddhist Economics").


  • "Chinese religion revisited: Buddhist monasteries and their involvement in public tasks during the Qing dynasty," at the XVIIth bi-annual conference of the European Association for Chinese Studies conference, Lund, August 6-10, 2008
  • "Beyond exegesis: Temple inscriptions and the economics of Chinese religion," at the Permanent Training in Buddhist Studies (PTBS), Ghent, February 17, 2009.
  • 'If the walls threaten to collapse, how would the gods dwell there?'  The culture of accounting within religious associations in nineteenth  century China, at the Conference "Monies, Markets and Finance in  China and East Asia, 1600-1900," Tübingen, April 14-16, 2010.