Tom De Rauw

Contact details

Faculty of Arts and Philosophy
Ghent University
Blandijnberg 2
5th floor, office 150.004
B-9000 Gent

Tel.: 09/264.41.56
Fax: 09/264.41.94


Biographical data

Date of birth: November 6th 1978

Nationality: Belgian

Education: Licentiate in Oriental Languages and Cultures (Ghent University, 2000)

Position: Lecturer and Researcher for the Chinese Language and Culture division

Teaching: Classical Chinese (BA 1 and 2)

Research: Medieval Buddhism and Politics - Political and economical history of Chinese Buddhism during the Northern and Southern Dynasties


  • 2006 (co-author) "Offenders, Sinners and Criminals: the Consumption of Forbidden Food," Acta Orientalia 59.1, pp.57-83.
  • 2005 "Baochang: Sixth-century Biographer of Monks... and Nuns?" Journal of the American Oriental Society 125.1, pp. 203-218.
  • 2011 T. De Rauw and A. Heirman, "Monks for hire: Liang Wudi's use of household monks (jiaseng)", Medieval History Journal 14, pp.45-69.

Lectures and conference papers

  • 2006 September 1, "Emperor Wu: Chinese Asoka or shrewd politician?", paper presented at the 16th conference of the European Association of Chinese Studies in Ljubljana (Slovenia).
  • 2005 October 19, Universiteit Gent (Belgium): "Buddhism in Medieval China".
  • 2005 September 2, "Zhizang, Defender of the Faith," paper presented at the conference of the International Association of Buddhist Studies in London (UK).
  • 2004 August 29, "Baochang: Biography of a Famous Monk," paper presented at the 15th conference of the European Association of Chinese Studies in Heidelberg (Germany).
  • 2004 December 16: Universiteit Gent (Belgium): "Buddhist Apologetic Literature".
  • 2003 December 10 - 12, Universität Tübingen (Germany): "The Introduction of Buddhism into China".