Permanent members

PhD researchers

  • Shan Bai (Chinese education, Hani minority)
  • Igohr Brennand (Chinese Buddhist epistemology and hermeneutics)
  • Suzanne Burdorf (BOF grant researcher; Chinese historical phonology; Dunhuang manuscripts)
  • Sakda Hemthep (Vinaya and monastic life)
  • Ji Liang (CSC grant researcher; Economic monastic texts from Dunhuang)
  • Litian Liang (UGent/Sichuan Univ. CSC grant researcher; A Study of the Belief in the Planetary Deities in Dunhuang)
  • Jia Ruipeng (UGent/Renmin Univ. CSC grant researcher; Song Dynasty interrelation between Confucianism, Buddhism, and Daoism in garden aesthetics) 
  • Yu Liu (late Ming 'Three Religions' philosophy)
  • Shuang Qian (Mohist logic and methodology)
  • Laurent Van Cutsem (Chan hermeneutics)
  • Wang Jie (CSC grant researcher; Six Dynasties poetry)
  • Wang Kai (Tang and Song Buddhist philosophy, the Perfect Enlightment Sutra)
  • Xiaoxiao Xu (20th century Chinese Buddhism)
  • Chen Zeng (medieval Chan idiomatic phrases)

Postdoctoral researchers

  • Dr. Henry Albery (FWO grant researcher; Buddhist avadāna literature in the Indic Northwest) 
  • Dr. Mick Deneckere (postdoctoral teaching staff, FWO grant researcher; Buddhism and the modernization of Japan)
  • Dr. Tom De Rauw (AAP; apologetic literature)
  • Dr. Lindsey DeWitt Prat (FWO grant researcher; East Asian Buddhism and Japanese religions, space, gender, heritage)
  • Dr. Charles DiSimone (FWO grant researcher; Buddhist sūtra manuscripts and literature)
  • Dr. Marie-Hélène Gorisse (BOF postdoctoral researcher; Jain and Buddhist philosophy)
  • Dr. Nan Ouyang (FWO grant researcher; Chinese religions, sacred geography)
  • Dr. Klaus Pinte (postdoctoral teaching staff, AAP; tantric Buddhism in Japan)
  • Dr. Anna Sokolova (Tang poetry and Buddhism)

Associate members

  • Dr. Tzu-Lung Chiu (Postdoctoral fellow, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity, Göttingen; nuns in China/Taiwan)
  • Dr. Thomas Jülch (FWO grant researcher; Tiantai Buddhism; Buddhist apologetic literature)
  • Dr. Lifei Pan (PhD UGent: English translations of Chinese versions of Lotus Sutra)
  • Dr. Agnieszka Rostalska (PhD UGent; Indian realism from contemporary perspective)
  • Dr. Ben Van Overmeire (Assistant Professor of Religious Studies Duke Kunshan University; Modern Zen Buddhist literature)
  • Prof. Dr. Christophe Vielle (Institut Orientaliste UCLouvain and Indology UGent; literature-philosophy India)
  • Dr. Gang Yang (PhD UGent; divination activities along the Silk Road)
  • Dr. Ang Zou (PhD UGent; Vinaya studies)

Former members

  • Chin-Yin Chang (lay Buddhism in Taiwan)
  • Dr. Dylan Esler (PhD student UCL; Tibetan Buddhism)
  • Dr. Laura Lettere (PhD UGent; Buddhist translation in medieval China)
  • Dr. Esther-Maria Guggenmos (post-doctoral researcher Universität Erlangen)
  • Dr. Claire Maes (Research Assistant of the FWO; relation Buddhism-Jainism)
  • Dr. Li Man (doctor-assistant; history of Chinese thought)
  • Dr. Ilona Manevskaia (postdoctoral researcher; Tibetan and Mongolian traditions)
  • Prof. Dr. Barbara Meisterernst (until 2009 guest professor UGent; Buddhist Chinese)
  • Prof. Dr. Eddy Moerloose (PhD UGent; Indology)
  • Dr. Yezi Mu (PhD UGent; Buddhist Chinese)
  • Dr. Gudrun Pinte (postdoctoral researcher BOF; Vinaya India-China, historiography)
  • Dr. Chun-Han Tu (Guest researcher from National Taiwan University; Buddhist ethics)
  • Dr. Chuan Wang (PhD UGent; modern Chinese Buddhism)
  • Dr. Tobias Wissler (PhD UGent; Buddhism and economics)
  • Dr. Li Xiang (PhD UGent; Consciousness Only Buddhism)
  • Dr. Jianhong Zeng (PhD UGent; Buddhist Chinese: passive constructions)
  • Dr. Ziyao Zhang (PhD UGent/Renmin University; Yongming poetic style and politics)