Media and Resources


Ann Heirman on Buddhist Material Culture

The Centre's Ann Heirman gives an introduction to the practice and results of research on Buddhist Material Culture.

Pu Chengzhong on the 十二遊經

In this video, Tianzhu Foundation Guest Researcher Pu Chengzhong (Shanghai U) discusses his work at the Centre on a mysterious hagiography of the Buddha.

Stuart Young on Silk and Chinese Buddhism

In this video, Dr. Stuart Young (Bucknell University) surveys the deep connection between Chinese Buddhists and silk. This was an introductory lecture for a doctoral school organized by the Ghent Centre for Buddhist Studies at Ghent University.


Ann Heirman gives a short introduction to Buddhism (in Dutch)


Li Gang on Reading Uyghur Buddhist Manuscripts   

Click the image below (of the Diamond Sutra in Uyghur) to access a pdf of the presentation Dr. Li Gang (Turfan Academy) gave on working with Uyghur Buddhist documents

Uyghur Heart Sutra1